• Beer drinker’s plate

    • 60zł

    pork loin, grilled bacon, chicken breast, pork neck, white sausage, barbecue sauce, tzatziki sauce, wheat toasts

  • Old polish delicacy

    • 14zł

    Home- made polish lard with apple and onion, served with pickles and whole-meal bread

  • Bruschetta with basil-pesto and parmeggiano

    • 9zł
  • Foccacia with rosemary and sea salt

    • 10zł
  • Potato pancakes with sour cream or garlic sauce

    • 12zł
  • „Doritos” nachos

    • 16zł

    Nachos dipped in cheese with tomato sauce and jalapeno 

  • Crispy chicken strips with sauce

    • 16zł
  • Quesadilla with chicken

    • 16zł
  • Vege quesadilla

    • 13zł